Monday, August 16, 2004

Bar Talk

Kevin at Political Animal has a good post up on George Bush, Man of the People. Which he's not, since his "Ask President Bush" sessions on the campaign trail are held for a hand-picked select few who have to sign loyalty oaths to lob softballs at the nitwit-in-chief.

Kevin also writes: "Now, it is true that he's [Bush] a "plain-spoken conservative who knows his mind," but you can find one of those at any neighborhood watering hole. And that pretty much describes George Bush: a man who picked up his opinions in a bar 30 years ago and has never gone much beyond that. ... by mocking John Kerry for not saying unequivocally that he would have invaded Iraq no matter what, Bush is acting like a guy in a bar who just wants to kick Saddam's ass and will lick any man in the house who says otherwise."

(I also have to note that it seems like Kevin has finally gotten it together. He was great when he did Calpundit, but seemed way too cautious to me when he joined Washington Monthly as the Political Animal. But the last few days, he is back to his old and wonderful ways.)


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