Thursday, August 26, 2004

Olympic Questions

Do you think the Olympics are not as relevant in a post-Cold War world?

Why do they hold the Olympics in a different place each year at an enormous cost to that country? Why not build a permanent home for the Olympics?

Why do some sports allow professionals (basketball) and some don't (baseball)?

Why is softball, a sport played in only a few countries, in the Olympics and cricket is not?

Why are these Olympic sports: windsurfing, beach volleyball, kayaking, synchronized swimming

What do you think of women's wrestling (those who know me well must know that I am thrilled by this!)?

Why can't they show field hockey on some channel other than Bravo, which my cable doesn't carry?!!! And why don't men play field hockey in the US?

Why can't those of us with digital cable see whatever we want? I want to see field hockey, fencing and archery, but no such luck.

OK, enough.


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