Monday, July 19, 2004

Florida's Felons

Great piece from Billmon about the Florida felon mess.
Shorthand:  The list left off Hispanic felons in a state where 1 in 5 residents in Hispanic.  Hispanics tend to vote Republican. 
As Billmon puts it:  "So once again, coincidence had conspired to create a fraudulent felon list heavily slanted in favor of Jeb Bush's big brother. How unlucky can you get?   This is the very same list, mind you, that the Bush administration (Florida branch) had been promoting as squeaky clean - right up until it was released and the mysterious law-abiding zeal of the state's Hispanic population was discovered.  Then, of course, the story changed. A simple clerical error, the Jebster said - the wrong button pushed, a computer glitch, resulting in a failure to merge two different felon lists (exactly why the names of Hispanic convicts were being kept in a separate file has never really been explained, as far as I know.)"


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