Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Whoopi vs. Rush

You know, its really laughable that Bush and the Repugnicans are up in arms about the Democratic fundraiser the other day at which Whoopi and a few others cussed out Bush and his administration. This is the kind of crap that Rush, Hannity, O'Lielly and others have been doing for years, and with much more hateful intent. Bush is demanding that the Kerry campaign release the video of the event. OK sure -- but let's release a video that juxtaposes Whoopi with Rush, Chevy Chase with Hannity, etc.

I do have to admire Kerry campaign manager Mary Beth Cahill who told her GOP counterpart that she would release the video when Bush released various documents like Bush's military records, Cheney's notes about no-bid contracts for Halliburton and his energy task force; any contact between the Bush administration and the pharmaceutical industry about the Medicare drug bill, and documents about prison abuse in Iraq.

Go, go, go, go, go!!!!


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