Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oh Please

I do not understand why Tim Russert got what amounted to a state funeral and why it was carried on TV. Ridiculous. And I turned off Olbermann last night when he started talking about the rainbow after the ceremony.

This is good on the myth of Timmeh (scroll down to the second story -- the one on novels).

This is the last thing I will ever say about Tim Russert. I was do deeply offended by him and his stupid white board in the 2000 election. That was the moment when I realized that the Washington elite media thinks the rest of us are rubes -- because Timmeh was treating us like he would his father's friends in Buffalo, as a bunch of idiots. Again, I am sorry for his family's loss but I do not get why the media seems to have no perspective on this.

Tim's white board legacy is that the media continues to perpetuate electoral myths with no basis in reality and then act surprised when they don't pan out (ya paying attention Richard Wolffe?).


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