Thursday, November 09, 2006


I don't have much time to post, just a quick note to say how happy I am with the outcome of the election. With Democrats in control of both houses of Congress, hopefully we can address the culture of corruption and the constitutional crisis facing our country.

I give the credit for this to Howard Dean's 50 state strategy. He enlisted and empowered Democrats every where to stand up, work hard and win!

Even though we won big, our work is not over. We have to stay focused on giving the voters what they wanted when they chose us over the Repugnicants. We have to keep working as hard as we did in the campaign to make sure the voters know who truly represents their interests.

During the campaign, I did volunteer work for my local precinct and I urge you to do the same. All I did was some data entry, but there are lots of other jobs to do. Call your county Democratic party office, find out who your precinct leader is, and volunteer. And give money if you can.

Speaking of which, I wish the Democrats would make campaign financing reform one of their biggest issues. The current system, in which the candidate with the most money is likely to win, is ridiculous.


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