Saturday, September 09, 2006

Comment on 9-11

For me, the essential memory of 9-11 is the parade of world leaders who came to America in the days after the attack to pay their respects and offer their help. The headlines in the international press -- particularly the one in the French newspaper Le Monde that read "We Are All Americans" -- were very significant to me. This was a time for the world to unite and to denounce and take action against people who wish to drag us back to the 13th century.

And for me this is the worst aspect of 9-11 -- that Bush totally squandered all of that goodwill with this ridiculous war in Iraq and his administration's generally ridiculous foreign policy. That, now 5 years later, the U.S. has so few friends in the world and international public opinion so against us (not to even mention the incredible division within our own country) is absolutely appalling. Its the biggest indication of the Bush administration's incompetence and how totally, completely out of touch with reality they are.


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