Saturday, September 09, 2006

Path to 9-11 Fiasco

This whole fiasco by ABC/Disney over The Path to 9-11 is appalling. Obviously, this project was started before the mood of the country changed against the lies and incompetence of the Bush adminstration and conservatives in general.

The writer is a known conservative and the director is a member (son of the founder, actually) of a conservative Christian group committed to creating films promoting their viewpoint. It is not true to the 9-11 Commission findings and instead is full of typical conservative made-up shit (especially about anything related to Clinton).

ABC has been incredibly disingenuous through all of this. My favorite is ABC claiming that no one has seen the final version -- and yet they sent out hundreds of screeners to conservative media!

Liberals have been writing letters to ABC and Disney and to ABC advertisers and local stations. Good -- time to let our voices be heard.


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