Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Streetcorner Shouters

If you've ever spent anytime in an urban area, you are familiar with those sad souls who stand on the streets shouting out their various demented notions. Then, there are the preachers who drive around with a bullhorn and shout out "lessons." No one really pays any attention to these people because their ideas are justifiably regarded as looney.

Given the wacky ideas today's conservatives seem to have, any rational media would give them that same treatment. Instead, these nutcases are the "go-to" people on what passes for TV news today and some of them have their own shows (Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly). One of those go-to guys is Pat Robertson.

So its no surprise that Robertson -- who has said plenty of incredibly insane things over the years and is still treated with respect -- can call for the assassination of a foreign leader because his country has oil it won't just hand over to the US and there is still no outrage.

Remember, this guy was recently praying for another vacancy on the Supreme Court. And he also recently said that liberal justices were worse than a couple of bearded terrorists. Then of course there's his oldie-but-goodie when he claimed he prayed away a hurricane from striking his Virginia Beach headquarters.

Only in Amerika...

Its ironically funny how we refer to radical clerics in the Muslim world and yet one of the most radical clerics in the world is right here in America: mullah Pat Robertson.


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