Friday, August 19, 2005

SCOTUS: Roberts

Get this:
Supreme Court nominee John Roberts disparaged state efforts to combat discrimination against women in Reagan-era documents made public Thursday, and wondered whether "encouraging homemakers to become lawyers contributes to the common good."
And as Eric Alterman notes:
And finally, what’s with the media not making a big deal about the Roberts documents in re affirmative action that happen to go missing after a visit from the Bush White House? Personally, and I have no evidence whatever, it sounds to me like a cover-up of a non-P.C. racial reference of the kind that people use all the time in private but could sink a Supreme Court Justice nomination. Seems worth looking into to me.
The Dems need to fight this one not because we can win (we can't) but because we have to make a stand, appear to represent some kind of values and ideals. We have to expose this guy Roberts as the ultra-conservative, non-mainstream guy that he is -- and along with him the brainless moron who nominated him.


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