Thursday, March 03, 2005

Global Flyer

Watched Global Flyer land this afternoon, via live webcast. Very cool. While watching I thought how great it was to hear the towers, crews, pilots talking instead of the bobbleheads on CNN or wherever.

Favorite moment: hearing the pilots of the various commercial planes holding over Salina giving congrats to Steve Fossett right before landing.

My daughter was watching Apollo 13 last night -- a favorite of mine. I really love the pre-launch check off ("guidance, go") so you can see why I loved the crosstalk on the Global Flyer landing. In the didja know category, the idea for the TV show Junkyard Wars came from the film Apollo 13. The producer said she felt the audience excitement during the scene where the guys on the ground figure out how to make a square air filter fit into a round receptacle, and from that developed the idea for Junkyard Wars.


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