Thursday, December 30, 2004

US Aid Pales in Comparison to Other Countries

I wasn't going to post again this year, because I wanted to leave my last post as the one about buying blue in 2005. But this is just so frustrating, I have to write about it.

President Dimwit, clearing brush in Crawford (how much goddamn brush is there on that ranch?), took 4 days to make a statement on the tsunami tragedy, and that only after international criticism. The US is pledging $15 million, with another $20 million in loans. Our dipshit press keeps reporting it as $35 million, but that's not exactly true. And we are sending some military ships with supplies, etc.

But look at what other countries are pledging (these are just dollar figures; most countries are also sending food and other supplies):

Spain $68 million
Japan $30 million
Britain $28.9 million
Germany $27 million
France $20.5 million
Australia $19.5 million
Denmark $15.5 million

The population of Australia is 20 million people. The population of the US is 294 million. The US contribution is about 9 cents per person. The Australian contribution is about $1.35 per person.

Here's a good post from Juan Cole about how Bush could've garnered some major support in the Islamic world with a more magnanimous response to the tsunami tragedy. And another about what an idiot Bush is (like you needed to be told).


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