Friday, November 05, 2004


I take a lot of grief for my views on religion ("what is mythology but a religion that is no longer believed in?"). That's fine. Unfortunately, few people are ready to chuck superstition (I believe they call it "faith") in favor of facts and logic. Too hard, as C-Plus Augustus might say.

But what I have the hardest time understanding is how did we get to a place where it is OK to talk about your religion outside of church? When I was growing up, you did not discuss your religion because that was considered the height of social misbehavior. Certainly, nearly everyone was religious -- church attendance was higher then. But in the interest of tolerance, you kept your religious views out of public life.

Now you have these unaffiliated evangelical churches who, its pretty clear, take their marching orders from the Republican party. And one of the tenets of their faith is conversion -- and apparently forced conversion through the government is OK with them. Now where have we seen this before?

Fear them and don't pander to them. They aren't worth it. Ignorant and unteachable. But there are lots of folks fooled by this minority through religion -- them, we can reach, especially if we can make them see the economic consequences to them and their children of supporting the Republicans.


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