Thursday, November 18, 2004

Birth Tax

I heard that John Kerry referred to Bush's "birth tax" by which I assume he meant that Bush's continued giveaways to the rich will be paid for by our children and their children and their children until who knows when.

Yesterday, the Senate voted to increase the federal debt limit by $800 billion. From the NY Times:

"The bill, if approved by the House in a vote expected on Thursday, would authorize the third big increase in the federal borrowing since President Bush took office in 2001. Federal debt has ballooned by $1.4 trillion over the past four years, to $7.4 trillion, and the new ceiling would allow borrowing to reach $8.2 trillion. With no end in sight to the huge annual budget deficits, which hit a record of $412 billion this year, lawmakers predicted on Wednesday that the new ceiling would probably have to be raised again in about a year."

Now remind me again, which party is the party of fiscal responsibility?


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