Tuesday, November 16, 2004


I never thought I'd be saying that we may have to sacrifice Roe v Wade, but this group of radicals are up to things that are way more important than that.

Here's my take: SCOTUS will not declare when life begins but it will overturn Roe and throw the issue back to the states. So we will return to the days of my youth, when abortion was illegal in Michigan but legal in New York (and my 13 year old neighbor was taken from Michigan to New York to have an abortion -- I guess that would've been around 1969). So we'll have to live with that for now.

Because more important to us freedom loving liberals is that these radicals want to "resurrect what they call a 'Constitution in Exile'" which would negate much of the New Deal. This is federalism -- each state to do as it pleases and limits to federal regulations and inevitably programs. They even say this is more in line with what the Constitution actually says. Oy. I actually don't see how you have a functioning republic if everyone can do as they please. You'd negate things like the Civil Rights Act, OSHA, etc. Why not just set up some regional fiefdoms? Ridiculous.

The rest of the linked article above is about how the Republicans have been achieving this in baby steps through stealth legislation. For example, my pet peeve, No Child Left Behind, which at its core is an anti-public school effort. NCLB creates standards which no school, not even the best ones, can consistently achieve -- so public schools can be dubbed "failures" and the money can be diverted to a voucher system. Similar stealth measures are already in place and more are coming.

So who wants to reduce the regulatory nature of the federal government? Why, Bush's fat cat big business donors, of course. So this gets back to the whole moral values thing -- which is just a shell game to fool the masses so Bush can satisfy his real constituency, big business, once safely in office.

Anyway, you get my point. What these guys really want is a return to the pre-New Deal days and all the gains of the past 50 years could go up in smoke.


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