Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Another Interesting Map

What does this map say about the "base" that supports Bush?

More importantly, what does it say about the strategy of progressives in the future?

Get the picture, folks, and think about whether you are really willing to do what it would take to win over these people.

As The Daily Howler puts it:

"Our public discourse is full of complaints about those “contemptuous,” “elitist” blue-state liberals. On Scarborough Country, unbalanced panels of outraged conservatives wail and moan about blue-state slanders. Elsewhere, self-proclaimed “Democrats” like the Times’ Nicholas Kristof lecture Dems for unnamed offenses and ignore misconduct by major Reps. Last Friday, Kristof was at it again, telling Dems what they should do to be less offensive to religious voters. He offered no suggestions to Republicans. Was there something offensive when the RNC sent West Virginians that “Ban the Bible”flier? When Republican officials in Kentucky kept trashing Senate candidate Daniel Mongiardo for being “limp-wristed?” By the way, who showed “contempt” for religious voters when that Bible flier was sent? On Scarborough Country, pseudo-cons happily batter blue-staters. In the Times, the likes of Kristof take the cue and only find fault with the Dems."

Who's offensive here? Certainly not we educated, tolerant progressives. Also, keep in mind that conservatives, particularly religious fundies, want to impose their so-called values on everyone, but progressives trust people to make their own choices. Who, then, believes more in freedom and individual responsibility?

We've moved to the center far enough. No more.


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