Thursday, October 14, 2004

Lynn Cheney, Hypocrite

I'm amused by Lynn Cheney hitting all the shows this morning claiming to be outraged that John Kerry mentioned her lesbian daughter, Mary, in last night's debate. Kerry's comments were kind and supportive, but Cheney is calling Kerry a "mean man." But where was Lynn Cheney when Republican senatorial candidate Alan Keyes said homosexuals, including Mary Cheney, were "selfish hedonists?"

BTW, this is the same Lynne Cheney: (from the LA Times, 10/13/2004)

"Now, Lynne Cheney, Vice President Dick Cheney's wife and the former head of the National Endowment for the Humanities, has placed herself in the company of dictators and slaveholders. At her urging, the Education Department destroyed more than 300,000 copies of a booklet designed to help parents and children learn more about America's past. Cheney objected to the booklet's reference to the National Standards for History, guidelines for teaching history in secondary schools that were developed at UCLA in the 1990s and that suggest that American history should be taught with an eye not only to America's successes but to its struggles and dark moments as well."


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