Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Ifill -- Clueless

I've read before about how clueless Gwen Ifill is, how she's ruined Washington Week in Review and how she's buds with Condi. But apparently last night she was particularly awful. I can hardly believe she "made a goofy challenge for both candidates to talk about each other without mentioning their running mates’ respective names" and apparently asked Edwards if his feelings were hurt by Cheney's jabs. Sheesh!

I stopped watching PBS a long time ago. Its pretty irrevelant. OK, I take that back, I still occasionally watch Antiques Roadshow.

I actually used to work for local PBS stations. We used to say that on Friday nights, when those boring public affairs shows were on, you could hear the audience dying one by one (they averaged about 147 years old).


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