Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Brain the Size of a Walnut

That describes Chris Matthews. Jeez, what a loser. I could not watch the debate last night because I was working, although I did sneak back to the break room at one point to hear Darth Voldemort (Cheney) lying about something (he told more lies than Baron von Munchausen last night). But this morning, I hear the asswipe Matthews on Imus asking why Edwards is even on the ticket because despite his southern accent, not a single southern state is going to vote for the Kerry-Edwards ticket. What a maroon. Edwards' southerness has HUGE appeal in the midwest, where he also talks the language of hard work and reward that midwesterners understand. I wonder if Matthews ever wondered why Bush puts on his phony southern accent and channels Reagan out at that ranch Bush bought right before he started running for president. How do these pea-brained morons wind up as highly paid "news" commentators? Anyway, despite what the morons are saying, it appears Edwards did very well with the undecideds and that's all that counts right now.


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