Monday, October 04, 2004

What People Said This Weekend

Four observations:

1) I was talking with some people at work who have previously expressed very liberal viewpoints and was very surprised to hear them parrot Republican talking points. I'm not even sure they knew they were doing this. Both say they support Kerry, so this was surprising. One even said something like "Kerry hasn't been clear on his positions," which is a variant of flip-flop (not to mention grossly untrue). I think a lot of people are unaware that the Republicans have become so successful at planting memes that become conventional wisdom (and the media so in the bag with the right) that even liberals pick them up as if they were original opinion.

2) Another co-worker told me that he now hated Guiliani after the mayor's pathetic performance on The Daily Show Thursday after the debate. He said he'd always like Guiliani but after watching him pimp for Bush, he was no longer a fan of America's mayor.

3) I've also become accutely aware of how cynical 20-somethings are. I remember being like that myself, so its no surprise. But the level of angst is really high. I spend a lot of time pumping people up, saying that Kerry and the Dems are doing just fine and that we have to fight, fight, fight. This sort of malaise and cynicism will sure make it easy for aggressive fascists to take over, should it come to that.

4) I was at a local mall on Saturday and of course wearing my Kerry button. A woman came up to me and started in on how great Kerry had done in the debate and how she feared for the country's future if Bush gets elected. Amen, sister! I urged her to keep fighting.


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