Friday, August 06, 2004

Swift Boat Liars

I wasn't even going to post about these whackjobs, but since just about everything they claim is being proven daily to be out and out lies, I thought I would at least mention that.

As you know, John McCain has come out swinging against the Swift Boat ad. And one of the liars has retracted his statements and another is under investigation that he was not the doctor who treated Kerry's wounds.

This whole thing was concocted by John O'Neill who is a Republican dirty trickster and Kerry opponent going back to the Nixon years, and PR honcho Merrie Spaeth, a big Bush supporter. I actually met Merrie Spaeth years ago at a PR conference and I thought she was very Stepford-y. All I knew about her then was that, as a teenager, she had been in a movie with Peter Sellars (The World of Henry Orient).

I doubt this thing will have any traction, but you never know, given the sh*t for brains media we have.


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