Friday, August 06, 2004

Poll Numbers Favoring Kerry

Billmon also has a good post up today on poll numbers that look very, very good for Kerry -- especially since they are Fox poll numbers!

Kerry's support among men has increased by six points since the network's last poll, before the convention. He's now even with Bush among male voters. Kerry still leads among women by nine points.

Kerry has increased his support among independents by four points since the pre-convention poll.

When asked which candidate is a "stronger leader," 44% said Bush and 40% since Kerry - a 4 point advantage for Shrub. That's down from a 19 point advantage before the convention.

Bush's edge on who would do a better job of fighting terrorism went from 15 points (50% to 35%) to just 6 points (44% to 38%).

Kerry now holds a 7-point edge over Bush as being "more honest and trustworthy," versus and 11 point deficit on the trust issue in Fox's June poll.

Fox respondents also rated Kerry as more genuine (+2 points), more optimistic (+4 points) and harder working (+5).


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