Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Big Dog on Daily Show

Clinton was on the Daily Show last night and as usual he was very good. He talked a lot about Republican dirty tricks and divisiveness. He said John McCain made a big mistake in not calling them on it when they smeared him in South Carolina in 2000. Clinton also said that because his policies brought peace and prosperity to Americans, the Republicans had to resort to firing up a personal hatred of him because they couldn't argue against the success of his policies. He explained that he wrote his book with the intent of explaining the political process the way it really is.

His best line was "If people think, they vote Democrat" which of course implied that Republicans have to resort to twisting emotions to get votes. He also said a Republican friend of his told him that if the Republicans fought fair, Clinton (and by extension the Democrats) would win every time.

He was very calm and zen-like. He seemed to be working very hard to present a rational and loving alternative to the vitriol and hatred spewed by Republicans. In fact, he said several times that he did not hate the people who attacked him. I commented to my daughter that this was far more Christian than what we hear from supposed righteous Christians like Bill O'Lielly, Sean Hannity, etc.


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