Monday, August 09, 2004

Richard Shelby

Remember that name and use it whenever anyone talks about Sandy Berger (who did nothing of any substance).

Richard Shelby is the Republican senator from Alabama who leaked classified information to the media. He is under investigation for leaking extremely sensitive classified information about NSA encrypted intercepts to the media on June 19, 2002. Recently, the FBI decided not to prosecute and turned the whole thing over to the Republican controlled senate ethics committee. I konw you're surprised by this.

Berger took copies of memos written for him during the Clinton administration, which of course he shouldn't have done, but no harm was done by his actions. Only the Republican noise machine keeps this in the news. I actually had to turn off NPR this morning (which has become totally useless, BTW) when they ran a story flogging this meme.

Digby has more.


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