Friday, July 23, 2004

Blame the Acronyms

Pierce has an excellent piece today on Altercation about the 9-11 Commission report.  My favorite part:

"Read the footnotes, and remember, every time a conversation with either George Bush or Dick Cheney is cited, that this testimony was not given under oath, and under circumstances that were flatly bizarre, and that the testimony was given by two men who fought hard against the very existence of the commission, especially the former, who has made no mistake that he can recall, and is not specifically contradicted in any way by this report.  Instead, it was an exercise designed -- as was the Tower Commission before it -- to reassure us that the problem is in structural institutional details, and not in the men tasked to do great deeds for us so that we don't strain ourselves in the exercise of self-government.  (To his everlasting credit, Bob Kerrey seemed to be rather pissed on this very point.)"


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