Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Acute Case of Inanity

Rhymes with Hannity, with good reason. But this isn't about Banjo Boy. The Repugnicans have unleashed on Edwards with a fury. The RNC called Edwards a "disingenuous, unaccomplished liberal." Right after the announcement, the GOP sent out a bunch of e-mails seemingly showing the two candidates attacking each other during the Democratic primaries.

Then there's that television ad showing Sen. John McCain which is clearly designed to remind voters that Kerry supposedly considered St. McCain as a possible running mate. Why, the stalwart governor of Kerry's home state, Mitt Romney, called Edwards "not a bad choice for his second pick" and added, "This is a fellow who has been a trial lawyer, so he's pretty glib."

There you have it -- all of the RNC talking points about Edwards in one fell swoop: unaccomplished, second choice, trial lawyer.

What a pack of inane arguments. But get ready -- it'll get a whole lot nastier.


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