Tuesday, July 06, 2004

John Edwards

Kerry picks Edwards for veep. Strengths: incredibly smart, great speaker and campaigner, represents the liberal economic argument very well, great personal story and charisma, Southern, handsome but not a lightweight. Weaknesses: not a lot of experience -- first-term senator who did not hold office previously (he was a trial lawyer).

Edwards has always been my man; I supported him for president because his economic message resonates with me. And believe me, he had to win me over. He's so pretty, I thought he must a be a lightweight. Then, I read what he has to say and I was sold.

This is a strong choice. The Dems have got to turn this election into a debate over the economy. Bush is already weak on the war in Iraq and public confidence in him in the "war on terra" is weakening too. Somehow, we've got to wake up the populace in the red states to how the Republicans have sold them out economically and diverted their attention from that to "values" issues. Edwards can help do that.

I'm stoked!


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