Thursday, October 16, 2008

Grampy McNasty

Jeez, McCain was awful. He didn't make a cogent point in the entire debate, but he sure was angry. His smirking and eye rolling was a major turn off.

His big line about not being George Bush was lame, lame, lame (not to mention majorly untrue). And I was actually laughing at his tirade against ACORN (that it is tearing at the fabric of democracy!). Apparently a focus group that some newspaper had watching the debate was also laughing at McCain throughout the debate.

Obama let him get away with a lot but as usual, I thought Obama handled it just right -- challenging the most stupid accusations, but not taking the bait on an easy target like Caribou Barbie.

The public reaction was clearly for Obama (something like 58% to 22%). Other than the pitchfork wavers, the public does not like angry McCain's red-meat attacks. He truly is like the old guy in a bathrobe coming out to get the paper and yelling at the kids to get off the lawn. His contempt for Obama (whose calm, reassuring demeanor is increasingly presidential) is disgusting.

The pundits tried to make it seem as if Grampy McNasty won but they have ulterior motives: first, they have a need to support their narrative that McCain is actually a good guy maverick (computer says no) and they have a need to support the illusion that the election is still in play in order to maintain viewership (computer says probably not).

19 days to go -- Nov. 5 can't come soon enough for me (yes, I mean the day after our long national nightmare will hopefully be over).


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