Saturday, November 19, 2005

Harry Potter

Saw the new Harry Potter movie last night. Now, I'm not a fan -- haven't read any of the books. But because my daughter is a huge fan, I have seen the movies. The first two are intolerable -- just bad movies. The third one is a gem -- lyrical, full of symbolism, beautiful, wonderfully paced, good acting from the kids and adults -- a great movie. The fourth and new one is a good movie, but didn't impress me as much as the third one. It seemed very choppy and disjointed for a lot of the movie. There are great special effects and the final 20 minutes of the film are great. The guy who plays Mad Eye Moody -- Brendan Gleeson -- is great. The kids who play Ron and Hermione are great as usual, but Daniel Radcliffe (Harry) was not as strong in this film as he was in the third movie. Still and all, I enjoyed most of the movie and would recommend it.


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