Monday, January 31, 2005

More Conservative Claptrap

Those wonderful folks at Regnery Publishing (the creeps who brought you the Swift Boat book and lots of conservative crapola books) have another hit with the "Politically Incorrect Guide to American History" by Professor Thomas Woods.

Its the usual BS of conservative talking points (which are usually disconnected from reality). Oh, and one teeny tiny other thing: the author is a founding member of the Southern nationalist organization, the League of the South.

Eric Muller has all the details.

The League favors 'a return to constitutional republicanism and true federalism, or if that should prove unattainable, secession." According to its own documents, the League recognizes the "legacy of Christianity and the universal sovereignty of the triune God. Most League members are Christians, and we base our movement on Christian principles. Trinitarian Christianity cannot be separated or removed from Southern society or culture without both ceasing to be Southern." And white Southerners at that: "The League seeks to protect the historic Anglo-Celtic core culture of the South because the Scots, Irish, Welsh, and English have given Dixie its unique institutions and civilisation."

Oy. And this book is supposedly selling like hotcakes on college campuses. Double oy.


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