Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Git R Done

The more I think about Bush's convention speech, the more it seems to me that what he was saying was "elect me and I'll do all the things I meant to do over the last 3 years." Because of course he's done nothing of substance. He has no record to run on, other than playing Fearless Leader on TV.

Speaking of getting things done. apparently the Republican congressional leadership is going to aggressively bring up some hot button, but unsubstantial, issues: From the LA Times, via Kevin Drum:

"The pace of legislative action is likely to quicken in the next several weeks, said Patrick Basham, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, but 'most of it will be carefully packaged, focus-group-tested, window-dressing stuff designed to appeal to swing voters in closely contested congressional races, such as they exist.' He predicted that the Republican leadership would bring bills to the floor 'for the sole purpose of embarrassing or flushing out the Democrats on emotive or wedge issues. Between now and election day, the action on Capitol Hill will be more symbolic than substantive.'"

This means stuff like flag burning, gay marriage, etc. Meanwhile, Congress has yet to pass the overall budget resolution for fiscal 2005.


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