Friday, September 10, 2004

Bush's Bad Week

Its been quite a bad week for C Plus Augustus.

1) the whole AWOL thing hit the fan on multiple levels

2) poll numbers ain't good for Bush -- his lead is most likely less than 2%, not good for an incumbent president

3) Cheney opened his maw and spewed bile (the wrong vote crap)

4) Cheney channelled Maria Antoinette (let them use ebay)

5) Cheney continued to lie about Saddam and al Qaeda, even though no one listens anymore when he lies with impunity about this

6) Tom Ridge dutifully trotted out 13 minutes after the American death toll in Iraq hit 1,000 with "news" that terrorists are going to try to disrupt the election, even though no one listens anymore

7) the numbers on the economy continue to be bad

8) the number of dead Americans in Iraq continues to increase

9) Iraq is falling apart (US troops have no control anywhere in the country), mimicking Afghanistan

10) Kerry finally came up with a good meme (W stands for Wrong)

11) Kitty Kelley's book says W did coke at Camp David when his dad was president

12) the Log Cabin Republicans said they would not support Bush

13) Bush did not properly publically console ally Australia over the Indonesia bombing and he dissed ally South Korea by not mentioning them in his salute to allies during his convention speech (and they are pissed)

14) there were lots of "ghost prisoners" in Iraq, a clear violation of the Geneva Convention

15) there's a major scandal brewing in the Bush admin over spies, Israel, etc.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!

Have a good weekend!


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