Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Two Down

The second person connected with both the Bush campaign and the Shifty Boat Liars crap has resigned. The Bush campaign's top outside lawyer, Benjamin L. Ginsberg (who was also involved in the Florida fiasco in 2000 BTW), has resigned after revelations that he was also giving legal advice to the Shifty Boat Liars. Earlier this week Kenneth Cordier, a retired colonel who appears in one of the commercials, had to resign as a member of the Bush campaign's veterans' advisory committee.

But that's not all! On Monday, the Shifty Boat Liars acknowledged that a longtime Republican operative, Susan Arceneaux, was working for it. She's treasurer of the Majority Leader's Fund, a political action committee affiliated with the former House majority leader, Dick Armey of Texas. That group got money, as did the Shifty Boat Liars (lots of $$), from Bob Perry, another big and long-time supporter of Bush and a close friend of Bush's chief political strategist, Karl Rove. Not to even mention the Merrie Spaeth connection (that I detailed in a previous post).

Its astonishing that the Bush campaign continues to deny that there is any coordination between the Shifty Boat Liars and the campaign. Its clear there is a huge connection which is waaay illegal. How the hell are they getting away with this? Oh, yeah, our dumbass media.

This is a major scandal but you wouldn't know it from the media coverage, which focuses on Kerry. I've seen such ridiculous stuff as "Kerry brought this on himself by making his Vietnam service a major part of his campaign" (oh yeah? if he hadn't talked about it, the Shifty Boat Liars would've said he was hiding something) and "Kerry has taken too long to respond" (when actually I think he's handling this perfectly, by continuing to call them out and to focus on the real issues).

70 days until our nightmare ends.


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