Monday, July 12, 2004


This movie is pretty darn lame. I never liked the first one but the second one got such good reviews, I went to see it Saturday with my daughter and her friend (13 year olds).

First, Spiderman violates the first rule of movies which is show, don’t tell. There was so much talking, I just wanted to scream shut up already!

Second, how many times in the first 45 minutes of the movie do we need to be told that Spidey is conflicted?! Unless you’re 7, you got it the first time or two.

Third, Spidey’s dilemma over being a superhero or having his girlfriend is just not enough to make me care; I could not have cared any less about any of these characters throughout the whole movie. At least X-Men is about racism at its core; Spiderman seems to be about teeny bop love.

Now to be fair, Doc Ock is a good villain and Alfred Molina is good. The FX are pretty good and the action is good. And Bruce Campbell’s turn as the snooty usher is a hoot.

On the other hand, James Spano is terrible. But then James Marsden in X-Men 2 is pathetically terrible, so its mox nix.

But what a waste of 2 plus hours of my life! Give me X-Men 2 anytime if you want a good fantasy-action movie.


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